Infrastructure Planning

Infrastructure Planning

As a specialist investment advisor we have a long history of undertaking infrastructure, workforce and service delivery planning across a number of industry sectors. Unlike our business case and procurement services, which are usually focussed on a specific asset investment, our infrastructure planning is typically across a large geographic area and a long term (10 - 20 year) planning horizon.  This type of strategic planning includes combinations of policy interventions and many individual asset investment and divestment decisions.

Examples include:

  • Education - core land and buildings assets ($15b assets)
  • Education - specialist assets including sports and special purpose teaching facilities
  • Housing land and buildings ($17b assets)
  • Electricity distribution assets
  • Data fibre assets
  • Water grid infrastructure
  • Transport area strategies
  • State owned ICT networks and data centres
  • Emergency management incident response centres
  • Fleet utilisation and maintenance strategies for mining companies
  • NDIS service location analysis
  • Government regulatory services
  • 2016 Queensland State Infrastructure Plan

Service Planner -

Although every investment decision requires detailed analysis,  Solute's Service Planner provides a simple interface to allow users to undertake scenario modelling of future infrastructure and workforce requirements.  The system combines current population, employment and infrastructure data with planned and forecast changes.  A customer specific version of the system is being used by Queensland State and Local Government Authorities to better understand their infrastructure needs and better plan their investment decisions.