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Business Case - Consulting

Solute has been a specialist provider of business case services since 2003.  In a typical 12 month period we undertake between 10-30 business cases/feasibility studies across a variety of fields, including property, education, ICT, health, housing, transport, energy and resources.  Our experience includes the use of business case frameworks such as the Building Queensland Framework, Queensland Project Assessment Framework, NSW Guidelines for Capital Business Cases, Victorian Investment Lifecycle and High Value/High Risk Guidelines, Infrastructure Australia guidelines, National PPP Guidelines and UK Five Case Model.

As we now have over 15 years' experience as a specialist provider of business case services, we have documented methodologies, tools, templates and 100’s of reference projects that can be leveraged to quickly and effectively meet client needs.

Our business cases and procurement services have supported billions of dollars worth of investments.

Business case services:

  • Objective setting and strategic alignment including Investment Logic Maps, Benefits Dependency Networks and Results Chains
  • Documenting 'why' an investment is needed
  • Current and Future state analysis
  • Justifying the preferred option - multi criteria analysis (MCA)
  • Economic analysis of demand, costs and benefits (BCR - benefit/cost ratio)
  • Risk assessment including probabilistic quantification (Monte Carlo modelling, for P50 and P90 cost and benefit estimation)
  • Financial modelling including total cost of ownership (TCO), net present value (NPV), payback periods, capital and operating budget requirements and funding models.

Sample Projects Include


  • Moreton Bay Rail Link ($1.1b)
  • Park Ridge Connector
  • Qld Housing stock transfers
  • Qld Health Patient Administration System
  • Education - Various school business cases for new and upgraded facilities
  • Registration and Licencing System Modernisation
  • City Council Smart Infrastructure - Energy, Street Lighting, Fibre Optics, Monitoring Sensors
  • Asset Management Strategies:
  • Water Grid Assets
  • Mining Equipment - Global Mining Company
  • School buildings
  • Public housing

Northern Territory

  • NT Health Core Clinical Systems Replacement
  • NT Health Medications Management
  • NT Department of Children & Families - Child Protection System


  • Emergency Management Victoria - Investment Strategy for Incident Management Centres


  • NSW - Home Energy Assessment

National / International

  • Various ICT investments for global mining companies
  • Heavy vehicle regulation
  • Remote affordable housing
Computer Racks
Wind turbine
Dam wall
IT networks

Solute's - Business Case Methodology

With 15 years’ experience of hands on experience developing business cases across a variety of industries, frameworks and project sizes we have developed a business case training course that enables us to teach a proven approach to successfully develop a preliminary or detailed business case, and avoid many of the common pitfalls of business case preparation.  Our Business Case How to Guide is underpinned by our experience with different business case development frameworks including the UK Five Case Model, National PPP Guidelines, Infrastructure Australia guidelines, Queensland Project Assessment Framework, Building Queensland Framework, NSW Guidelines for Capital Business Cases and Victorian Investment Lifecycle and High Value/High Risk Guidelines.

Our standard Business Case course is a 1 day online course, supplemented by a one or two day, face to face course covering the practical aspects of business case development (including cost, benefit and risk modelling) and how to apply that knowledge to locally used frameworks, such as Qld Government's - Project Assurance Framework, Building Queensland Framework and Infrastructure Australia's Guidelines.

Additionally, we can also provide customer specific training, including:

  • One on one or small group training
  • Combination 'training and consulting packages' to quickly uplift organisational capability.

Training options:

  • Online - contact the office to register
  • Classroom - 1 or 2 day courses
  • Customer tailored options - contact the office on (07) 3003 1402 or

For further information - see the training page.

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