Panel & Procurement Options

  Commercial clients

Please contact the office directly about procurement options and terms.

  Government and related organisations

Please see the following preferred supplier agreements.

Solute’s services can be procured from a range of Government panels:

Department of Transport & Main Roads - Pre-qualified Consultant:

  • Financial/Commercial - FC3

Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation – Panel Arrangement: ICTSS.13.03

  • Strategy and Architecture
  • Solution Development and Implementation
  • Service Management
  • Procurement and Management Support
  • Business Change

Department of Transport and Main Roads – Engineering Consultant Scheme - PTD 0003-14

  • Project financial/commercial management service

Department of Housing and Public Works – Professional Services Panel Arrangement: QGCPO 878-13 / QGP0050-18

  • QGCPO 878-13 (Management, Finance, Human Resources & Procurement)
  • QGP0050-18 (Finance, Audit and Economics)

Department of Housing and Public Works - Panel Arrangement: PTD0033-15

  • ICT Contingent Labour and Associated Services

Queensland Health - Panel Arrangement PSA2000

  • Pre-qualified supplier arrangement for ICT contracting services
  • Business analysis services

CITEC Registered Supplier Number 2389

  • Consulting services
  • Personnel recruitment and training
  • Business case training

Northern Territory Government - Department of Corporate and Information Services - D14-0026

  • Information and Communications Technology Specialist Services - Package A: Consultants

Australian Government – The Treasury - Panel Arrangement SON1014601

  • Housing and urban development research

LocalBuy - Local Government Association Queensland- Panel Arrangement: BUS 249-0515
Provision of Business Management Services including:

  • Business management and corporate governance
  • Accounting and financial services


Isaac Regional Council - Consultant / Specialist Services (PSA1618)


Other Company specific panels:

  • BMA Vendor Pre-Qualification – Vendor Number: 4033361
  • Powerlink preferred supplier panel - IT Services Panel – contract number: T020111724

Solute Consulting is registered for GITC (Q-2392), QAssure (10806) and is a Quality Assured Supplier ( ISO 9001:2015 QMS41494).

GITC Approved
QAssure Approved
ISO9001 Quality Assured


Solute’s Quality Management System (SQMS) achieved Quality Assurance endorsement in 2006.  The SQMS was independently audited in 2018 and is  re-accredited against ISO 9001:2015.

Quality ISO 9001 Certification